Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Nerve Growth Factor Promotes Post-LASIK Success

Corneal nerves are sometimes cut when the flap is made during LASIK. Fortunately, treatment with a nerve growth factor (NGF) has demonstrated the ability to both stimulate corneal nerve regeneration and potentially treat dry eye, a common postoperative complication of LASIK. Researchers recently studied its effects and found that NGF had “an obvious effect” on nerve repair and a potential for improvement of dry eye symptoms.

The researchers concluded that topically administered NGF promoted corneal sensitivity, nerve regeneration and improved dry eye symptoms after LASIK.

Gong Q, Zhang S, Jiang L, et al. The effect of nerve growth factor on corneal nerve regeneration and dry eye after LASIK. Exp Eye Res 2021;203:108428.

Reported in Review of Optometry

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