Monday, November 16, 2009


Punctate Inner Choroidopathy affects the eyes of mostly young, near-sighted women. The vision is blurred. Sometimes there are paracentral scotomas on visual field testing. The patient might see light flashes (photopsia).
There is very little inflammation. The macula shows small white dots that eventually become pigmented scars. Choroidal neovascularization occurs in about 40% of patients. The other eye can become involved thereafter.

Treatment options can be with argon laser photocoagulation with intravitreal steroids, systemic steroids, PDT, and possibly surgical excision of the neovascular membrane.

Some patients can retain vision of 20/30 or better. You have to rule out multifocal choroiditis (similar but with inflammation), POHS (look for peripapillary atrophy), and myopic maculopathy (look for more extensive degeneration peripherally).

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