Thursday, January 25, 2007

Progressive Myopia and PALs

Role of Parental Myopia in the Progression of Myopia and Its Interaction with Treatment in COMET Children -- Kurtz et al. 48 (2): 562 -- Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science

PURPOSE. The present study investigated parental myopia and the effects of wearing progressive-addition (PALs) or single-vision lenses on the progression of myopia in children.

RESULTS. In all children in the PAL group, progression was –2.00 D overall, significantly less than the progression of children wearing single vision lenses. Among children with zero or one myopic parent, progression did not differ significantly between the lens groups.

CONCLUSIONS. Among children with two myopic parents, myopia progression was slower in the group wearing PALs than in those wearing single vision lenses, by a statistically significant but clinically minor amount. Conclusions must be regarded as suggestive.

COMMENTARY: PALs do not appear to help prevent myopic progression in children except in a clinically insignificant manner in children where both parents are myopic.

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