Tuesday, August 08, 2006


ScienceDirect - American Journal of Ophthalmology : Autologous Serum for the Treatment of Corneal Epithelial Abrasions in Diabetic Patients Undergoing Vitrectomy

Several times I have seen diabetic patients who have undergone vitrectomy and had a secondary corneal abrasion that remains recalcitrant over weeks. This abstract summarizes the results of a study that put the use of autologous serum up against Vislube (hyaluronic acid) to determine which one helps the abrasion heal faster. According to the study, Vislube on average took 7.1 days and autologous serum took 4.3 days. The abstract concludes:
It appears that autologous serum leads to a much faster closure of corneal epithelial wounds after abrasion compared with artificial tears.

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