Saturday, April 15, 2006


Bausch & Lomb Asks Stores to Pull ReNu - Yahoo! News There was a report on Good Morning America last week about a new corneal fungal infection epidemic in the US that is baffling clinicians. B&L is pulling Renu with MoistureLoc from shelves which suggests something about it may be the cause. This article says:
"ReNu with MoistureLoc was being pulled from U.S. store shelves at the request of Bausch & Lomb amid concern the contact lens solution may be linked to a fungal eye infection that can cause blindness."
It goes on to say:
"Federal health officials have made no direct link between MoistureLoc and the infections, but a high incidence of affected patients interviewed had used the cleaner."

Many of the cases of fusarium keratitis were using Renu with Moisture-Loc, but there were some patients using Alcon and AMO products, although it is possible they were also using the B&L product.

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