Thursday, April 06, 2006


This article in OSN SuperSite concludes:

“AMD is associated with immune, inflammatory and other cardiovascular mechanisms, and these results emphasize the need to adhere to healthy lifestyles for your eyes and your body overall,” Dr. Seddon and colleagues said in the release.

Higher levels of serum antioxidants vitamin C and lutein/zeaxanthin and higher fish intake were associated with lower serum C-reactive protein levels, the researchers found. Serum vitamin E, smoking and increased body mass index were associated with an increased C-reactive protein level. Hypertension was associated with an increased homocysteine level, while vitamin E, beta carotene and dietary intake of antioxidants and vitamin B6 were associated with lower levels of the plasma, Dr. Seddon and colleagues said.

“Factors reported to be related to AMD, namely antioxidants, smoking, body mass and fish intake, are also associated with inflammatory, immune or other cardiovascular mechanisms,” the study said.

“Overall, these findings suggest that sick eyes may occur in sick bodies related to smoking, being overweight and other unhealthy behaviors,” the authors said.

The study is published in the April issue of Nutrition.

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