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Tuesday, October 04, 2016


From Acta Ophthalmologica: 

To determine the effect of anti-diabetic medication on glaucoma. 

Patients treated with anti-diabetic drugs at any time during the study period had a significantly higher overall relative risk of glaucoma. For patients treated with anti-diabetic drugs, we found an increased hazard for development of glaucoma in patients with diabetic retinopathies and joint complications with diabetic retinopathies. Furthermore, we found that concomitant antihypertensive medications were associated with an increased likelihood of glaucoma overall, while treatment with β-blocker and RAS, in combination, are associated with a significantly lower risk.  Use of anti-diabetic drugs is strongly associated with use of anti-glaucomatous drugs. Diabetic complication as well as concomitant antihypertensive medications affect the risk of glaucoma in patients treated with anti-diabetic drugs.

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