Br J Ophthalmol. Published Online First: 9 June 2009. doi:10.1136/bjo.2008.153445

This case demonstrates that posterior scleritis may present with minimal inflammatory signs, the importance of considering tuberculosis in the differential diagnosis of posterior scleritis and the role of additional steroid in the treatment of tuberculous scleritis.


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    One of the symptoms of scleritis is severe ocular pain, which may radiate to the temple or jaw. The pain is often decribed as deep or boring.
    Scleritis. Inflammation of sclera. What exactly is the sclera? The sclera is the white envelope-wall of the eyeball. It is taken for granted by patients and physicians alike, enjoying relative freedom from major, vision-robbing mischief. It is comprised of collagen, one of the forms of so called "connective tissue," and it comprises 4/5 of the tough outer wall of the eyeball; the other 1/5 is comprised of the crystal clear, watch glass structure in the very front of the eye through which we see, the cornea.

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    Scleritis may occur as a result of various stimuli, the most famous of which is rheumatoid arthritis. But many of the so called connective tissue diseases or collagen vascular diseases may have scleritis as part of their disease spectrum. Indeed, inflammation of the sclera can sometimes be a presenting manifestation of a potentially very serious systemic disease. Sometimes inflammation in the eye will precede extraocular (outside the eye) manifestations of a serious systemic disease by many months or even a few years. This is but one of the many reasons why it is so critical for patients to regularly visit with a physician trained in ophthalmology: an ophthalmologist.

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