CooperVision USA - Contact Lenses - ClearSight™ - ClearSight™ 1 Day Toric

Here's an option for patients that want one day torics.

It is a toric lens with 55% water content, 8.7 BC 14.5 Diameter. It comes in sphere powers of plano to -6.00 (-7.00), cylinder powers in -0.75 and -1.25, and axis options of 20, 90, 160, and 180 degrees. It comes in a 30 pack. The company says:

"ClearSight 1 Day Toric offers four different axes - 180, 160, 90, and 20 degrees allowing you to fit not only patients with these axes, but also those within 10º on either side of each axis. This flexibility enables you to fit the most common toric contact lens prescriptions. In fact, historical lens ordering data shows that 84% of patients have a prescription that falls within the above parameters."