New accommodating IOL provides excellent visual acuity, contrast sensitivity

A slightly modified fourth-generation accommodating IOL currently in clinical trials gave patients excellent intermediate and near vision, as well as good contrast sensitivity, according to John A. Hovanesian, MD. Dr. Hovanesian, MD, presented 4 to 6 months results from 60 patients who received the crystalens HD-100 (eyeonics) in one eye. Eyeonics is hoping to launch the lens a year from now, pending approval. "The new generation is clearly an improvement upon the results of the currently approved IOLs," Dr. Hovanesian said.

In his presentation, Dr. Hovanesian said that for uncorrected monocular intermediate distance vision, 80% of patients with the crystalens HD saw 20/20 or better; 93% saw 20/25; 96.6% saw 20/32 or better; and 100% saw 20/40 or better. For uncorrected monocular near visual acuity, 55% of patients saw J1 or better; 80% saw J2 or better; and 100% saw J3 or better. Contrast sensitivity also remained equal to or better than the FDA-approved crystalens AT-45.